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Text4More is a high-end professional digital business brochure created for business owners that want their business to be remembered in the 21st century.  Make your personal and professional image to your customers "unforgettable" in an increasingly contactless and changing marketplace.

Next generation brochures for the digital age.


Text4More - Personalized Digital Brochures

Every business has a unique set of products or services you offer customers.

Text4More answers the 3 questions.

  1.  Who are you?
  2.  What do you do?
  3.  How can you help me?
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#1 Problem we solve

Your Customers want to text to learn more about your business on the go and have access to learn more about you at their fingertips in an easy to access format that tells your unique story.

Your brochure is now on your customer's phone. Not in their purse. Not in their pocket and most importantly not in the trash.

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Our Affordable solution

Text4More is the solution for you.

Our competitive pricing options make sure every business can have their own digital brochure from Text4More.

Our friendly staff is here to help you get yours up and running with affordable monthly plans!


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say goodbye to boring Brochure experiences of the past!

Text4More is a product created for business owners to easily put their unique business story at their customer's fingertips.

Join the mobile revolution and get started now!

66% of customers want text messages
(2021 SMS Marketing Consumer Trends Report)

52% of people will  purchase a product or service due to texting
(2021 SMS Marketing Consumer Trends Report)

At least 97% of smartphone owners text regularly. (Pew Research Center)